Bonus Modern Marvels – BTRFS, ZFS, MS Storage Spaces

As of late, there is some drift to create hybrid solutions combining filesystem and RAID into a single module, or a single storage layer, whichever way you call it. If you have a choice between one of this hybrid filesystems and a traditional RAID controller, go with the traditional RAID whenever possible.

This includes (but is obviously not limited to)

  • Microsoft Storage Spaces, which break horrifically. Supposedly designed to work on lower-end, corner-store-grade hardware, Storage Spaces do not scale that well on the low-end hardware. Any large (as in more than two drives) setup with Storage Spaces will land you in hot water sooner or later.
  • BTRFS, which is just plain not ready for production in its RAID part as of this writing (early 2016). Illustrations are available en masse in the BTRFS mailing list.
  • ZFS, which looks most solid of them all, but still not stable enough on a large pile of low-end hardware.

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